• Maintain a normal weight! Recent studies show that staying at a normal weight may play a role in the pain you feel.
    Did you know? That weighing just 10 to 15 extra pounds puts you at high risk of osteoarthritis of the knees, hip, and spine.
    Calories IN + Calories OUT = Weight Loss! It is that simple...to lose weight you must burn more calories than you ingest.
    Exercise! Of all the treatment therapies for arthritis, exercise is the gold standard. Check with your doctor and make sure you can gradually begin a program. Ask if there are any restrictions on exercise and activities. We'll show you how!
    Sleep! Sleep is vital for all people to stay healthy, but for those with arthritis, sound sleep can make the difference between an active day or a day spent in misery, nursing aching joints or muscles.
    Select Foods Low on the Glycemic Index! Familiarize yourself with foods low on the glycemic index such as: yogurt, soy, fruit, vegetables, and lentils. Avoid foods that are high on the glycemic index such as white bread, potatoes, pasta, and desserts.
    Portion Control! No matter what eating plan you choose, portion size counts!
    Vitamins? Start off with a multiple vitamin that has the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) as suggested by the American Dietetic Association. Consult a Registered Dietitian (RD) about your specific vitamin and mineral needs. Take into consideration your age, current health status, type of arthritis, and medications.
    Diet for a Pain-Free Life Program
    Get Started: when you are ready to make the commitment to a healthy lifestyle change, you are ready to participate in the original Diet for a Pain-Free Life Program.
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        Our diet includes:

    The support you need to stay on your diet
    Loss of up to 10-25 pounds in twelve weeks
    A "...godsend to pain sufferers" American Dietetic Association
    Packet to help you get started with detailed instructions
    Copy of Diet for a Pain-Free Life
    A mostly plant and fish based diet
    Exercising your way to good health and less pain
    Controlling stress, blood pressure and cholesterol
    Learning to sleep well
    Recipe a week by Chef Virginia given at office visit
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