Diet for a Pain-Free Life

  •   Eat Well & Lose Weight
  •   Stop Pain
  •   Sleep Better
  •   Feel Great in 21 Days

• Mainly Plant & Fish Based with
  some Poultry
• Doctor Designed
• Lose up to 25lbs in 12 Weeks
• Feel Full While you Lose
• Easy Tasty Recipes
• High in Fiber
• Moderate Carbohydrates
• Exercise Pain Away
• Improve Quality of Sleep
• Reduce Stress, Blood
  Pressure and Cholesterol

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Do you wake up each morning aching with joint or muscle pain-- and have trouble falling asleep at night? Have you been trying to lose stubborn belly fat and extra pounds for years? Do you wish you could be active without daily pain medications? And did your pain and weight increase once you reached middle age?

Look no further: Diet for a Pain-Free Life is the simple-to-follow, doctor-designed solution to improve your health. As a leading rheumatologist, Dr. Harris McIlwain has spent more than 20 years studying the overweight-inflammation-chronic pain connection. Now, he shares his revolutionary prescriptions in this proven lifestyle plan that will help you drop pounds and decrease pain at the same time.
What they have to say...
American Dietetic Association (ADA) Book Review "...sound nutritional advice that is doable and delicious and could be a godsend to pain sufferers."-
"I have purchased many diet books in the past, but Diet For A Pain Free Life is the one that I choose to follow from here on. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia, and just happened to see this book on the shelf while looking for another book. The recipes are easy and very good. I lost 6 lbs the first week I followed this diet. It is nutritionally superior to any other plan I have seen...". J. Merlich

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